Deathybygummies is known for extending the most reliable hemp-extracted consumable gummies on earth. We are heavy on quality and effectiveness. Our USP is offering tasty and incredible CBD gummy categories aiming to make people have their daily dose of calm with CBD edibles in a fun and exciting way. Our commitment and values to provide our customers with the best of the best CBD edibles that are safe and pure drive us.

Our Story

Founded by a group of passionate individuals who wanted to bring out the unprecedented power of CBD plants among people. Deathbygummies believes that nobody should be deprived of the goodness of natural hemp.

CBD is in its glory in the US market today and all the rage right now. We took the opportunity and came up with new exploration, CBD edible gummies! A fancy, discrete yet fun way of consuming CBD relatively compared to sublingual tinctures and vaping. Also, our aim was to prevent the hemp industry from saturating with inferior products.

Our mission is to become the fastest-growing, cost-effective CBD brand in the hemp industry and deliver the real benefits of CBD to real people.

Our Flavours

Deathbygummy is your ultimate one-stop store where you can avail a wide array of flavors to satisfy your tastes. Starting from sweet to sour, blueberry to pears, watermelon to lemons to even birthday cake flavor gummies, they have literally got you covered!

The Delta 8 infused gummies we cater with a plethora of flavors will amaze you. The wide selection of premium CBD edible gummies will delight your taste buds far beyond your wildest expectations and will leave you wanting more.

If you’re on a quest for tasty treasures precisely categorized by flavors, Deathbygumies has what you seek! We offer CBD gummies that center and ground your mood. Thanks to the to-quality naturally derived ingredients involved in them.